The New Generation of Hood

Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate

Wider Grease and Smoke Control Zone

Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate enable wider & effective control of grease & smoke while increase the speed of cooking smoke being extracted into the filter.

Compare to conventional hood whereby the extraction is on center, wing like surround suction plate enable grease & smoke to enter from 3 dimensions

Surround Suction Technology,
Only with the Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate

The dimension of negative pressure increase by 166.7% and capture 0.21m2 more of grease and smoke compare to conventional hood.

The air inlet is transform from conventional way of center suction into wing like-surround suction plate, which achieve surround suction technology effect.

Wing Like – Surround Suction Plate
accelerate the speed of grease and smoke enter into the filter system

Multiple Smoke Inlet Path
Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate achieves multiple-path, simultaneous grease and smoke extraction with larger amount of smoke intake per unit

A buffer zone is essential for accumulating all the cooking smoke to prevent them from escaping. Conventional suction plate are ineffective in buffering cooking smoke quickly due to their flat surface with no angle point. However the Wing Like Surround Suction Plate of Fotile W has a 3° tilt angle to buffer and keep the cooking smoke together to prevent them from escaping.

The Intelligent Suction and Extraction System

Embedded with intelligent feature,
Hood function in a smartest way

A built in sound sensor which, when it detects the sound of heavy cooking will automatically switch to the most powerful mode to extract grease and smoke effectively.
Only available in EMS9017

Intelligent Air Management can automatically detected different type of harmful gas. When the air quality is relatively poor, red color is shown and hood function to extract away the harmful gas. When the air is in good quality, green color is shown.
Only available in EMS9017

Anion Sterilization works when the hood is on. It generates anion for air purification to keep the surrounding air refreshing.
Only available in EMS9018

The Fotile W series come with Auto Turbo System. This system increases the pressure in the exhaust up to 350Pa when it detects that the exhaust is low in pressure. This is to prevent air resistance and to ensure that the exhaust is able to release grease and smoke smoothly and effectively.
Only available in EMS9016,EMS9017,EMS9018

Excellent Oil Filtration & Odor Reduction

Fotile W achieve 95% of Oil filtration rate and 97% of Odor reduction rate

High Efficient Extraction & Low Noise Level

Fotile W series with its ‘High Efficient Extraction Technology’, it achieves powerful extraction and yet low noise level

High Efficient Extraction & Low Noise Level

The impeller design simulates the arrangement of eagle wing feather to achieved aerodynamic which the streamlined design can reduce drag and noise.

The mechanical parts of the motor system is 100% designed and made to ensure reliability, durability and minimum noise during operation.

The dual channel microporous act as an absorption piece to reduce the noise level of hood

Elegances Outlook, Humanized Design

Only applicable for EMS9017
Only applicable for EMS9016
Only applicable for EMS9018
Only applicable for EMS9019 & EMS9020

Easy to Dismantle & Clean

Easy to Dismantle
Easy to dismantle with just 4 buckles. The Material of the buckle is made of zinc alloy which is more durable.

Easy Clean
Easy clean with wider surface.

Oil Collector
Fotile W consists of large Oil collector which can store more amount of oil. The transparent window enable easy monitoring of the oil level.

Smooth Oil Collector
The oil will follow designated track on the Wing Like - Surround Suction Plate and flow towards the large oil collector.


Product Model Max Air Flow (m2/h) Noise Level (dB) Illumination Power in LED (W) Motor Power (W) Dimension W x D x H (mm) Special Features


1450 49 2W x 1 200 900x525x600 Automatic Turbo System


1450 49 2W x 1 200 900x530x690
  • Automatic Turbo System
  • Smart Smoke and Sound Detection
  • Intelligent Air Management
  • 4.3” High Definition LCD Touch Screen Display


1450 49 2W x 1 200 900x530x690
  • Automatic Turbo System
  • Anion Sterilization


1400 52 2W x 1 200 900x525x600 -


1400 52 2W x 1 200 900x525x600 -

Installation Diagram




EMS9019 & EMS9020