Fotile Brand Story

Where we started


Since its inception in 1996, FOTILE has carved a niched in the industry of being the No 1 high end kitchen appliances brand in China, specializes in developing built-in kitchen appliances like range hoods, hobs, ovens, microwave ovens and steam ovens.

FOTILE building

We have the largest R&D center in the world with 8000sqm. With technology, innovation design and performance as the key factors in Fotile manufacturing, we have achieved 5,000+ patents in product and 900+ in invention, bringing innovative and good quality product to over 17 millions of families around the world. FOTILE commitments to excellence not only bringing satisfaction to our customer, we have win a numerous international accolades namely RedDots design awards, IF Product Design Award that uplifting the industry standard of designs and product innovations.

At FOTILE, our business is built on the foundation of product innovation and creating kitchen appliances that are functional, stylish and family oriented. That is why FOTILE is constantly inventing, designing and creating extraordinary products while maintaining its reputation as a leading kitchen expert that puts families at the first place.

Marking a remarkable milestone, FOTILE has launched its first largest kitchen appliances gallery named the Fotile Style located at TaoJiang road, Shanghai, in year 2012. This gallery showcasing the brand’s most prestigious kitchen appliances. A ‘futuristic corner’ is introduced in this gallery, allows visitors a glimpse into some of FOTILE’S most innovative technology.

With over 20 years of experience in servicing Malaysian customers, FOTILE Marketing Sdn. Bhd as the sole distributor of FOTILE kitchen appliances in Malaysia, has the expertise to offer functional and stylish kitchen appliances that suited to Asian cooking.

Today, FOTILE Malaysia enjoys its position as a reputable premium kitchenware brand in Malaysia with a strong following of happy and satisfied customers. We strive to innovate our product and service, providing a full spectrum of cooking solutions that caters to every Malaysian kitchen need.